We design with sustainable materials that do not harm the human being or the environment, cork being a material that we use all year round for its numerous properties: elasticity, impermeability and durability;natural wood, non-chromium-coated vaccine skins and water-based adhesives.


Our collections are called “zero kilometers” because they are made less than an hour of our store, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, CO2, the main cause of climate change and global warming.


All our shoes are made by hand with great care by footwear craftsmen in a third generation factory where we can find parents, children, nephews and uncles working together.


Our customers are responsible consumers who consume quality long life products, therefore our editions are limited.


Our brand philosophy is to design, manufacture and work within the maximum possible sustainable parameters.
Respect and love for the environment and human being are factors that lead us to have this brand philosophy, offering our clients trend designs in a conscious and responsible manner.


In SUELA as well as taking care of the design, we take care of our back and health, that’s why our styles are padded and have a minimum inclination of 2,5cms and a maximum of 5cms.
Also, in all our sneakers, we have included a padded insole for maximum comfort and if you need to incorporate a medical one, you can easily extract ours.