We are a young team, enthusiastic and passionate about fashion and design, but above all there is a nuance that characterizes us and is the respect and awareness we have with the environment, which we work every day to transmit to our customers and friends.


Suela is a sustainable fashion brand handmade in Spain.

We design and manufacture for the responsible woman with the environment using natural materials, free of chrome and nickel without forgetting the trends and fashions of the moment.

With the slogan “#PisaSostenible” , with SUELA we intend to reach a woman attracted by contemporary footwear, very comfortable, feminine and of course, by a design and quality manufacturing.


Haz lo que amas, ama todo lo que hagas!


Haz lo que amas, ama todo lo que hagas!


Elige un trabajo que te guste y no tendrás que trabajar ni un día de tu vida.